The Shape of Relations

The Audit Committee is chaired by Pat Billingham and its other members are Andy Boland and Nicky Dulieu. Members of the committee have broad financial experience which has been gained in a variety of disciplines.


  • reviewing and providing a recommendation to the Board for the adoption of the Interim Report and Annual Report and Accounts;
  • reviewing significant financial reporting judgements contained within those reports, including challenging assumptions and estimates used in the preparation of the financial statements;
  • monitoring the financial reporting process;
  • advising the Board whether the Committee believes that the Annual Report and Accounts, taken as a whole, is fair, balanced and understandable and provides the information necessary for shareholders to assess the Company’s performance, business model and strategy;
  • monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the Group’s internal financial controls, including review and approval of the scope of the internal audit programme, reviewing the findings of internal audits completed in the period, and conducting an overall review of the effectiveness of the risk management and internal audit functions; and
  • oversight of all aspects of the relationship with the external auditor, including independence, objectivity and effectiveness of the audit process and the provision of additional services by the external auditor.

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