Gene and Cell Therapies: Market Access and Funding

08 March 2021 Medistrava

The major advances in the field of biotechnology and molecular biology in the twenty-first century have led to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases. A new generation of biopharmaceuticals has emerged, including a wide and heterogeneous range of innovative cell and gene therapies. Bringing such a therapy to market is a journey unlike any other, with rapidly changing expectations, and many other hidden hurdles. In a new book entitled Gene and Cell Therapies: Market Access and Funding, Professor Mondher Toumi and Eve Hanna of Creativ-Ceutical and GenEra Consulting provide insights on the learnings from current cell and gene therapies (regulatory approval, HTA, and market access), in addition to future trends to enhance patient access to these therapies.

If you currently work for a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company developing cell and/or gene therapy products and would like to receive a FREE copy of the book as a donation to your company library, please complete the attached request form and return to Your details will be deleted within 24 hours of delivery.
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