MEDiSTRAVA partners with Sorcero

20 October 2021 Medistrava

We’re delighted to let you know of some great news!

We have entered into a partnership with Sorcero, a life sciences technology group with expertise in artificial intelligence.

Already, our collaboration has proven valuable for the clients with whom we have worked together in the development and implementation of an intelligent literature monitoring platform, as we have been able to ingest and interpret large amounts of scientific and medical data across therapeutic areas and analyze it to support decision making in medical affairs.
The results of our initial efforts have just been submitted as an abstract to ISMPP EU and we are also about to release a second product together, focused on intelligent insights interpretation in the field medical arena, with more solutions on the horizon.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our commitment to excellence in medical analytics and our application of AI to solving the business problems of today with advanced technology.

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