The Shape ofTalent

Our Values


Huntsworth acquires, creates and develops specialist agencies that deliver marketing and communication services.

The shared objective of all of our Group agencies is to deliver high-value solutions to clients through the integration of our creative and technical expertise, along with the quality and speed of our implementation. In so doing, we aim to gain further market share.

When this is optimised, the result is a faster-growing, higher-margin business, which generates a better return for shareholders.

Unique culture

Freedom is our DNA enabling us to:


Launch of Medistrava consulting in Medical + Forty1 employee engagement in Immersive


Our depth of experience across clients and therapeutic areas means we are not afraid to challenge our clients and ourselves to come up with new ideas and new approaches


Acquisitions of KYNE and Creativ-Ceutical


Innovation is at the heart of what our clients do, and we mirror this by offering novel solutions, for example by embedding digital and data into the work we do.

Unlocking the potential for our clients

We have 3 key strategic priorities:

Strengthen the Group’s focus on healthcare marketing services

The healthcare industry has a good long-term outlook, underpinned by strong fundamentals, including an ageing population and a rise in chronic health conditions. At the same time it is becoming increasingly competitive, with the established pharma companies facing challenges from small biotech firms and other niche players. In this environment, healthcare marketing services have an increasingly important role to play.

Extend and grow our capabilities and services

The lines between traditional marketing, advertising, communications and public relations are becoming increasingly blurred. With clients critically reviewing the solutions available to them and with a premium placed on innovative solutions, it is important to continually review our service offering and to extend and develop new capabilities and services.

Improve profitability across the Group

The Group has made significant progress over the past two years in improving its profitability, but we aim to drive further operational and cost efficiencies, as well as focusing on higher value-add services, in order to deliver market-leading margins.